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The Reverse Transfer Program is a process where academic credits for course work completed at another community college or university are transferred back to Gateway Community and Technical College to satisfy associate degree requirements.  Some students transfer into four-year universities before completing their associate degree at the community college where they started.  Through the Reverse Transfer Program, these students’ achievements are recognized with an associate degree after they have transferred to another two-year or four-year school and have accumulated enough credits to fulfill the two-year degree requirements.

What are the BENEFITS?

An associate degree is a marketable credential for your resume and an important milestone in your education.  It is greatly valued by an employer as evidence of your hard work and commitment to achieving your educational goals and expanding your knowledge.  An associate degree can make a difference in your long-term professional growth and career success:

  • Provides an additional credential that makes you more competitive when applying for jobs and scholarships
  • Better job opportunities while completing your bachelor’s degree
  • Faster and more efficient track to bachelor’s degree achievement


  • You must have earned a minimum of 20 credit hours applicable toward a degree at Gateway
  • Not have had an associate degree previously awarded
  • Be a student currently in good standing at NKU and formerly in good standing at Gateway
  • Earned at least 60 total hours (including transfer work) at NKU
  • Completed an application for Reverse Transfer that includes authorization for the exchange of all application and academic information between NKU and Gateway


The Gateway2NKU Reverse Transfer Program is set up so that you as the student do not have to do a lot of work.  We want this to be seamless and easy.  You will need to give us permission to share your transcripts with Gateway, so please fill out the two forms below and return them to the Reverse Transfer Coordinator, Kelsey Bevins.

        Reverse Transfer Credential Application

        Reverse Transfer Transcript Request

NKU students will automatically be notified of the reverse transfer program when they have met the following criteria:

  • Have earned a total of 90 semester college credit hours
  • Have earned at least 20 semester college credit hours from Gateway
  • Have earned at least 15 semester college credit hours from NKU
  • Transferred to NKU with Gateway indicated on transcripts as the home school
  • Be in “good standing” at both NKU and Gateway

Students can initiate the reverse transfer review process prior to notification by NKU by completing the Reverse Transfer Application form.


The deadlines for completing the application and transcript request forms and submitting them to the Reverse Transfer Coordinator are:




Please contact:

Reverse Transfer Coordinator Contact Information:

Kelsey Bevins, Assistant Director Transfer Services

            AC 301D

            Phone: 859.572.5990